Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Serving Students in Remote Areas Through DVD Courses

Before writing this article would like to briefly introduce myself briefly. I am Vishal Deoarshi, senior faculty at TRAJECTORY EDUCATION and preparing science for last 12 years. Every year I teach hundreds of students at TE. Hundreds of students come to our national capital, where our only classroom center is located. They have the strong need to learn science and a dream of making a career in this field. We also try our best to help them in achieving their dreams. The teaching at TE is not based on tips and tricks and shortcuts rather we stress on concepts. We try our best to give maximum great results and ensure their entry into the best colleges and universities for Science in India and abroad.This is all about the hundreds of students who are able to come to Delhi but what happens to thousands who want to join our institute but cannot come to Delhi due various reasons like they are pursuing their degrees,many of them even can't afford to live in this costly city or their parents can't send them away from themselves may be security concerns.This question has been haunting us at TRAJECTORY for last many years. I must tell you that TRAJECTORY EDUCATION was founded and being managed by a group of IITians who have left their lucrative and rewarding career for the sake of science. Teaching Science is not our profession, but our passion. I feel proud to belong to such family. Our aim is to make science education simpler and put it within the reach of every student in India. Keeping in view this case, many students suggested us to open our branch in state capitals like many institutes have done in IIT JEE the IIT JEE field.

IIT JAM Online Course

But we understand the pitfall of such expansion. Opening centers was not an easy option as the number of good faculties is very little at graduation and post graduation levels. So, opening several centers would have severe stress on faculty resources, fall in quality of education we impart, rise in cost of operation which could have led the rise in tuition fee making our course affordable for poor and middle class students. This is exactly what has happened in an IIT JEE field where fee for one year course from so called branded institute are in lakhs. Moreover, our aim was never to establish a big coaching center. We only desire to promote and propagate science and scientific temperament. We want the people to learn science not just because it gives good career, but it changes the way you think,the way you analyze any situation. So, while we run our institute we have always tried to maintain equity, not just in terms of affordability, but also in terms of location of students.So keeping in view these objectives,we started recording our lectures in the form our DVDs. While we record our lecture on any topic we take utmost care that every aspect is discussed in great detailThought the rears we also know the kind of query the students raise in the classroom. So we have also discussed those in our lectures. I do not claim that these DVD lectures will give you 100% feel of a classroom course, but continues it won't lack anything. But, as far as reachability is concerned, this DVD course will go a long way in serving those students who cannot reach us due to various reasons. We have also kept in mind that it is affordable to all. We will appreciate the feedback from students and other stakeholders regarding this course.We hope to come up with similar course for CSIR NET & IITJEE by the end of this year.

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