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How to Clear IIT JAM Chemistry Entrance Exam in 2015

Nowadays IIT takes students on the basis of their abilities like understanding of methods, sharpness of mind and skill so they launch common exams for all students. These common exams are specially introduced to test special qualities of students and are often called entrance exams because they make lots of competition among students. 

The students face large confusion with regard to choice of courses that would lead them to successful careers. We help students and try to guide them to select the right career path. In this blog, I will discuss about how to prepare for IIT JAM Coaching Entrance Exam. 

Well, there are three ways to develop new abilities

IIT JAM Chemistry


Seek motivation, search your role model. If you know of any student or faculty who, you think is excellent at Chemistry make him your role model for the time being. Try to become excellent like your role model. Your role model is your aim, try to get as close or even ahead if possible.

Do lots of practice and learn from failures

Well, you can't become your role model with one day of practice, can you? So, you require daily practice with lots of keenness. Habitual practice will increase your knowledge and sharp your mind. You will have bad experiences or failures. Don't shy away from failures instead learn from your failures and find your weakness. You have to do hard work to remove your weak points.  


The third step which is also the most very significant is to have a good coach or faculty. Well, you can't build up the new talent yourself, you require to be guided by a coach, try to find a good Coach/faculty. Analyze the topics from faculty and do the self study yourself. A book can be a good coach too but I prefer you to go with a good faculty.

Find a good faculty and understand all the topics from him, practice a lot at home using the guidance provided by your faculty.

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