Thursday, 16 April 2015

How Should Students Prepare For IIT JAM Entrance?

How to prepare for IIT JAM  2016 is a very difficult  question but in this article, I will share some tips that can help you to secure  a good rank ( All India Rank) on the IIT JAM.

If you are preparing for IIT JAM Entrance exam than following  tips will really help you to get victory in IIT JAM Entrance exam.

Search  through previous years papers for past questions that will give you an idea which types of  questions come in exam.

Select  a IIT JAM coaching class. Continuous Assessment as well as  Competitive Environment provides a true applicants scope for excellence.

You should contact  your seniors who have clear IIT JAM  they are always an inspiration for the students.

Try to solve sample test series for better preparation.

Group Studies can help you to clear concept, but make sure you have good students in your group. If you prefer studying alone, make sure you keep your mobile on silent as well as away from you.

You should make wonderful notes as well as mind maps and avoid distractions during  studying to obtain best marks.

If you have sufficient  time for exam, select a chapter in which you are weak and try to clear all your doubts by asking teachers or other students. You may also join IIT JAM COACHING for better preparations.
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